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How I got back at my boyfriend for cancelling our date over a football match – Young Lady narrates

How I Got Back At My Boyfriend For Cancelling Our Date Over A Football Match – Young Lady Narrates

A Twitter user identified as @PetiteDam, has taken to the platform to reveal how she punished her boyfriend after he recently cancelled their date for a football match.

Dami who revealed that her boyfriend cancelled their date just to go watch a football match, and while reacting to the disappointment, she showed up the next time with the jersey of the opposing team which apparently beat her boyfriend’s team.

She shared the details of her payback on social media and wrote:

“My boyfriend and I were supposed to go on a date once, but he said he couldn’t make it cause of a match. At the end of that match his team was beaten mercilessly and for payback I bought a jersey of the team that beat his and wore it to see him the next day.”

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