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How a politician paid £2 million to have the virginity of this 23-year-old model (Photos)

How A Politician Paid £2 Million To Have The Virginity Of This 23-year-old Model (Photos)

A model who sold her virginity for more than £2million will reportedly then ‘rent herself’ out to the man as a girlfriend – in exchange for a £30,000 allowance.

The person who will have sex with Mahbuba Mammadzada, 23, for the first time is a politician from Tokyo.

But Mahbuba, who goes by the name of Maria, says she is yet to speak to him and has only seen a photograph of him.

The consummation will reportedly take place at a hotel in Germany, where selling sex is legal.

Maria will then continue to meet up with the millionaire politician as she plans to ‘rent herself’ to him as a girlfriend for a monthly £30,000 allowance, on top of the fee for her virginity, according to reports.

She told the Daily Star: “Although I have to meet with him more often (in return for the allowance), I like the idea of being ‘rented as a girlfriend’ if a man financially supports me monthly with a generous budget.”

Maria, whose second highest bidder was a famous footballer, said: “I feel great. I am excited and looking forward to it. It will certainly be a wonderful experience.

“Even though I am already very successful with modelling, earning so much money in such a short time is a dream come true.”

Maria added: “We haven’t spoken. But the agency told me he thinks I’m hot.

“I just think being the first one is special for a man. And since I’m an international model, I’m sure he sees me as a status symbol. I can deal with it.”

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