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HOT GIST!! Rumour Has It… (DECODED)

HOT GIST!! Rumour Has It… (DECODED)

There is a rumour going on in town..have you heard? read and decode for yourself..

This script you are about to read involves more than one ”Actor” and the scene is one you may have seen many times only that this one contains juicier script interpretation.

So in the first scene, first actor who ”kicks ball” for a living and his very beautiful wife were estranged because of a multitude of allegations….
The wife according to insiders shunned her marital duties and instead was dishing the food to someone else outside…

First actor did all he could but could not get his wife to look back inside the house,plus she had fallen out with everyone,was very rude and throwing insults left,right and centre…..she even publicly insulted her former brother in law on a post on Instagram a few years ago.

These are all what led to the crash of the marriage and as you read this,they have allegedly parted ways and divorce is supposedly final…..

This is SO,so so so sad……….Especially as they looked so good together and were the envy of everyone and when they posted photos of their lovely all white new home,everyone tagged them charmed and beautiful couple even though some people still have not forgiven her for supposedly convincing the ball kicker to resign from a gathering of other ball kickers who always go on a mission to represent their country.

So, they are divorced…..OFFICIALLY

The first actor meets the second actor;who is equally beautiful and some people swear by the Lilly of the Valley of love that a secret Romance was born and even though both refer to each other as just friends,they are dating codedly.

Now supporters of the SO beautiful madam who has divorced the first actor,think that the second actor is the reason the first actor and his wife divorced and have been sending threatening messages on Instagram warning those close to the second actor to warn her to stay off the ball kicker otherwise they would deal with her…..Her ex is also allegedly getting the warnings and threats.

They say the warnings began when he made a post recently to celebrate the first actor  (the ball kicker) and they began to mock him for celebrating the person loving his ex and who allegedly scattered another home -that whispering is not true….

The second actor used to be married to a serial baby daddy who is very popular and a made man and Amebos say these people have been threatening to hurt his seed with the second actress if he does not warn his ex to stay off the first ”actor” who kicks ball…They slam him for not be able to hold her from breaking another Marriage……Some of these slammings were shown to me by Olofofos.

So in this script we have two main actors and two passive actors…. 

The first actor,the ball kicker who is on a loan in a UK club…(ain’t they all on loan)
The second actor is a real actor and is always linked to these kinda stories.she has recently become a tik tok star.

The two passive actors are the two exes………….

I hope you enjoyed this story and will watch the movie when the actors finish shooting?Please do,your support is highly needed to get it to Netflix…..

I love Nollywood movies and Football.

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