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Handsome soldier dies fighting Boko Haram, Last chats with his friend revealed! (Screenshots)

Handsome Soldier Dies Fighting Boko Haram, Last Chats With His Friend Revealed! (Screenshots)

A Twitter user, identified as Harri Obi, with the handle, @Harri_Obi has shared details and screenshots of his last chat with his friend, who is a soldier.

Follow the post below;

Hi guys, this is Ifeanyi Oseh, popular known as Fly G by his comrades. He was killed on Saturday as his unit fought Boko Haram.

I’ve been scared and in tears and let me tell you why. Thread! 👇

On my way home from work, I saw a post a mutual friend did talking about his demise and immediately went into panic mode, an experience I’ve been having whenever I see stories of dead Nigerian soldiers & since my friend from my Boys Scout days was sent to the war front. I digress.

These were Ifeanyi’s chats on his way to the war front. Read the last one. 💔💔💔

Back to my friend. After seeing the posts about Ifeanyi, I immediately reached out to my friend serving in NE out of panic because I knew he was in the same unit with Ifeanyi.

And this is our conversation.

After that he video called cuz he said military intelligence tracks these things & the hierarchy are looking for soldiers to use as scape goats.

I begged him to abscond, he should remember the plans we made as kids, plus I won’t forgive myself if anything happens to him.

He laughed it off and in his words “it is what he signed up for”. He told me there are soldiers that have been in the war front since the war started, that we have no idea of the casualty figures the government intentionally hides, the harsh weather and environment, low pay, etc.

There’s a lot he told me that I can’t remember cuz I spent the entire time sobbing. Which country sends its best to be slaughtered by a better paid, better equipped, better trained with higher morale terrorist group? Why are those in power playing ludo with the people’s lives?

He said all they need now is prayers, cuz what we do as civilians is get angry for 24 hours when a soldier posts a disturbing video from the frontline. He said: “Harri, you’ll be eating rice & chicken tomorrow in peace, only cuz I’m down here getting shot at.” Fam, that broke me.

I really suck at this thread thing, but is there not something that we can do? These guys dying for a country that doesn’t give a shit about them are people’s friends, brothers, fathers, sons, etc. There’s surely much more that can be done than our short term online anger right?

These pics were taken 30 minutes before a bullet fell the handsome Ifeanyi. We cant keep sending our best to be slaughtered, unequipped, unmotivated, underpaid, while an obese idiot is seating in an air conditioned office, profiting from these deaths. It just doesn’t make sense.

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