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Great s£x, money or children do not make a good marriage- singer Obiwon

Great S£x, Money Or Children Do Not Make A Good Marriage- Singer Obiwon

Obiwon, who has been married to his wife, Nkechi, for over 7 years now, has listed three things that doesn’t make marriage a good one.

In a post shared on his Facebook page, the singer stated that money, marriage or great sex doesn’t make marriage a good one.

In his words

In my little years married and from what I’ve seen, I realise:

1. Money does not make a good marriage

2. Great s£x does not make a good marriage

3. Children do not make a good marriage

Surely these three things enhance marriage but they do not form the foundation. I opine that ultimately a good marriage is made of:

1. Two friends .

2. Fully and mutually yielded to God .

3. Fully and mutually submitting to each other, yielding humbly and unselfishly to one another, daily.

That to me is the foundation that withstands every thing in the world and the imperfections of our human nature. After these then the first 3 can be added as the icing on the cake. If you’re reading this. My prayer for you is this foundation! Solid as a rock!

Nothing special. Just to say I love you @nkechisgram

Great sex, money or children do not make a good marriage- singer Obiwon

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