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Givers go broke – Real Estate Mogullete Ololade

Givers Go Broke – Real Estate Mogullete Ololade

Contrary to the popular saying, “Givers never lack”, Real estate mugullete, Ololade Abuta has revealed that indeed, Givers go broke”

Addressing the ‘entitlement mentality’ syndrome in Nigeria, Abute explained why it is easy for givers to go broke.

It all started after famous Nigerian social media influencer, Ibrahim Salawu took to Twitter to write;

“One moment people are at conferences bragging and teaching people how they made it big, the moment you say “boss plis epp me” they start telling saying “Baba all na packaging o” “I never chop since 2014”

Forced to react to this, Abuta revealed that when a successful person doesn’t help those that reach out to him, they should understand they are not the only ones that have access to him or her.

She further maintained that when givers go broke, those who usually ‘hail’ them, stop calling them boss.

She wrote;

“I want to address dis frm my own experience ? Wen u ask a successful person for help and he doesn’t help U, U need to understand dat U are not d only person dat has access to dat person and as you have requested for help over 100 people has requested for help frm d same person? it’s in Nigeria I knw dat if you set 100 billion naira aside for charity,dat 100 billion will finish and still wouldn’t go round ? most times d huge money I set aside for charity monthly don’t even reach 1 quarter of d people requesting for help frm me ?? dey say givers never lack but in Nigeria if you don’t take eyes off some requests U will give till all UR investments will finish ?? I knw alot of givers in Nigeria dat are broke today, and the moment you get broke, they stop hailing you and stop calling you boss ?? may God help us”

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