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“Girls smell like dry fish in their period”- Prison officer says

“Girls Smell Like Dry Fish In Their Period”- Prison Officer Says

A Ghanaian prison officer identified as Khobbi Arday Armah has got himself in hot waters on social media for a misogynic comment he made on social media which has not gone down well with several women and men alike.

Khobbi Arday, the prison officer who is a member of the “Adulthood” group Sunday morning whiles most Ghanaians were in church or spending some quality time with their family posted in the group: “Girls smell like dry fish in their period”

This comment has angered women and some men and they gave him sticks for such disrespectful comment against women considering his position as a correctional officer in Ghana.

Interestingly, the police officer who is obviously a misogynist and has no respect for women refused to take down the post and keeps on defending the reckless statement.

Kobe Akosah who is a known advocate of women rights on social media passed a comment on the post. Kobe Akosah who was obviously angry wrote:

A whole Nsawam prisons officer and u post such trash, go ask ur mother how she smells during her menses. Foolish useless people we have in the country, yet u’ve been given a gun to protect and guard the prisons.

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