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Feminists, non-fans and others heavily blast rapper, Falz for saying he “hates transactional sex”

Feminists, Non-fans And Others Heavily Blast Rapper, Falz For Saying He “hates Transactional Sex”

Actor and popular Nigerian rapper, Falz who currently is buzzing over the release of his new “Moral Instruction” album is at the same time, catching a lot of flak online after he unapologetically shamed sex workers.

Drama ensued after the rapper released his new single, Talk, where he touched on sex workers and during a chat with fans recently, he reiterated that he “hates transactional sex”.

Falz wasn’t done yet as the rapper had a go at feminists, saying that feminism stands against the objectification of women, however, supports transactional sex.

Watch him speak below,

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The rapper’s stance has caused many to have second thoughts over his brilliancy, as it conflates the two points. It’s for this reason why social media users are reading him for filth, with other ones schooling him.

See some reactions on Twitter below,

Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún


Falz. Woke, talented, and foolish, all at once.


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Falz says he hates transactional sex, but isn’t ‘Something Light’ about a girl that didn’t want to sleep with him even though he took her out and bought food for her? Isn’t that transactional??


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beauty. spirit. light.@EniolaHu

If you agree with Falz, unfortunately, you don’t understand CONSENT.
A woman choosing to do sex work IS NOT objectification. It’s commodification. Commodification creates VALUE. Objectification devalues.


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The t-shirt guy@joeycrazype0ple

When falz said “feminists in the house” I cringed…honestly thought he was more intelligent and more exposed.


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Ada Akunne@SheisBoki

And y’all KNOW that Falz isn’t talking about roadside prostitution. He’s talking about chicks that drive nice cars and take great vacations. Pure undiluted jealousy and envy. How many of his “sweet boys” has he yabbed? Should we help him name them??


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Chasseur Fou@MaxxAsari

Falz is proof that you can be educated in the best schools and still be very daft on social issues. In 2019 a lawyer is still saying the word “feminist” like it is an insult. Lol.


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Dr Ola Brown (Orekunrin)@NaijaFlyingDr

I think Falz has started a very important conversation abt sex work, hypocrisy, the law, misogyny & exploitation.

A Fokken Princess! ?@cremechic11

Falz is allowed to detest transactional sex and sing to the high heavens about it.

And he has the law on his side.

Fighting Falz for his personal beliefs when his album isnt the constitution or a religious manual for living is an exercise in futility and downright bullying.


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Feminism for bad bitches@Anyaato

Falz is definitely a misogynist. He’s one of those average looking, mostly unattractive guys who fancy themselves “intelligent.” Guys like him hate beautiful women especially the ones that are inaccessible. It’s something he clearly learned before fame and has refused to unlearn.

Feminism for bad bitches@Anyaato

To the idiots under this tweet, I am indeed a runs girl, ashawo and hoe etc and falz is still a short, extremely average looking, pseudo-intellectual, misogynistic Nigerian man who is obsessed with women’s sexual activities. You can continue crying about it.


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Falz misogyny is very casual, it’s the type you hear and when you react, people say you’re being extra and over reacting but you know you’re not. It’s the type of casual misogyny that gaslights you, it’s passive aggressive. I am glad people are seeing him for what he is


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Ada Akunne@SheisBoki

Falz is your typical Nigerian man, they aspire to have enough money to be sugar daddies but in the meantime, let’s insult the ones we can’t afford now. It’s pathetic


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