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Davido to run for Governor in Osun state?

Davido To Run For Governor In Osun State?

Top Nigerian singer, Davido may have just made his intention to lead the people of Osun state known as he responded to a fan on Twitter who questioned rumours the singer may be going into politics.

Responding to the Twitter user who asked for an explanation on Davido’s interest in governorship when two of his uncles have been senators, the singer responded, “When I become governor, I’ll explain”.



When I become governor I’ll explain

Replying to @iam_Davido

And why your first uncle(of blessed memmories)is a senator, and your second uncle is a senetor too and still want to be governor🖒🖒🖒🖒 can u explain that @iam_Davido

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Davido, who took to Twitter on Sunday morning to discuss politics, has been in the middle of arguments and insults with a few fans who have disagreed with him.



Old man shut up and listen when a successful man is talking … 🤴

OMO IYA WAEC@romanticboy77
Replying to @iam_Davido

Lol who dey deceive this one. Ogbeni governor of where? Maybe your surname. You started politics on a very wrong note. You no dey go anywhere.

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Davido also called on young Nigerians and especially those in the booming entertainment industry to participate actively in politics without fear of harm and intimidation from dirty politicians.



Aren’t we Entertainers tired of pple telling us to stay out of politics because it’s dangerous. are we still gonna be listening to them for years to come ?!WE ARE POWERFUL AND THEY KNOW ME I FULL GROUND! ITS IUR COUNTRY AND ITS OUR BUSINESS ABOUT HOW ‘OUR’ country is being run?

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We have the power not them !! They know this but they don’t want ‘US’ to know !! All that killing , threatening and kidnapping shit because some one is speaking the truth ENDS NOW !!!

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MAWAT – Music as A Weapon Against Tyranny

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