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CRAZY! 28Yrs Old Woman, Martha Impregnated By Own 15Yrs Old Son In Benue

CRAZY! 28Yrs Old Woman, Martha Impregnated By Own 15Yrs Old Son In Benue

Martha Idoko, a resident of Otukpo in Benue State alleged to have been impregnated by her own son has reacted to the viral report on the atrocity.

The act has been termed an abominable one.

It has been alleged that Martha, a 28-year-old woman who hailed from Itabono-Owukpa in Ogbadibo Local Government Area of Benue State had committed incest and was impregnated by her own son identified as Samuel who is only 15 years of age.

It has been alleged that trouble started when Samuel started having constant nightmares. In most of his dreams, he had series of encounters with different masquerades. Most times, he was pursued by those masquerades. Out of fear, he went to consult some people believed to be seers and was asked to confess his wrong deeds, otherwise he would die. In his confession, his sexual relationship with his mother was revealed and further investigation showed that Martha was already few months pregnant.

Consequently, some members of vigilante in Otukpo, the headquarters of Idoma land summoned the mother and son, and they both allegedly confessed to the act. While the son alleged that his mother threatened to kill him any day he denied her sex, the woman alleged that her son held her from behind when she was coming out of the bathroom and had sex with her.

Amid the confusion, the son’s friend who hailed from Agatu rushed to Joy FM, a local radio station to make the development public. Since then, Martha and her son have become topics of ridicule in the entire Idomaland and beyond.

But reacting in a chat with DAILY POST, Martha said the story was concocted to tarnish her image and that of her son as she was not pregnant and had no sexual affair with her son. She said one George from Agatu was responsible for the fake news about her. Martha lamented that the story has since gone viral as she had received calls from different unknown persons across the country.

She said, “I did not do anything. It was a lie. I didn’t sleep with my son. They planted the story to tarnish my image and that of my son. We have even gone to the village(Owukpa) to investigate the matter and the elders told us to return to Otukpo as there is no course for alarm.’’

Martha who said she was from a popular clan called Aroga in Owukpa said, “When we got to the village, there was a particular room that you cannot enter if you have committed this type of atrocity, but when I went in, I came out alive. The Alekwu was supposed to strike me if I did what they alleged, but that didn’t happen. So we returned to Otukpo with a message from the village elders to the elders here.’’

Asked whether she still lives with her husband despite the development, Martha said her husband had sent her out of the house earlier over the matter, and had demanded for a proper investigation before she could be accepted back. “ My husband furiously sent me out of the house and had demanded for a proper investigation on the matter, but right now, I’m back in the house.’’

Martha who said she has other 4 children said it couldn’t have been possible for her to sleep with her son in a house where she lives with her husband and the other children.

But reacting to the news, Owukpa Youths Association which Martha was a member and a provost has expelled her. A letter signed by one Abah Sunday, the Assistant Secretary of the association condemned the abominable act, saying the association has not only confirmed the news to be true, but could confirm that the woman in question, ‘’is truly pregnant for the son.’’

The letter tagged, ‘Letter of expulsion’ said that by this singular atrocious act, Martha had ‘’dragged the good image of the family to the mud,’’ therefore expelled for good.

But Martha has denied being pregnant. According to her, “If I’m pregnant, it will come out one day. It can’t be hidden forever,’’ she said.

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