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Corpse falls out of coffin during burial after pallbearer tumbled and fell on it (Video)

Corpse Falls Out Of Coffin During Burial After Pallbearer Tumbled And Fell On It (Video)

The corpse of a woman fell out of a coffin during a burial ceremony after one of the pallbearers tumbled and fell on top of the coffin.

As the coffin was being lowered to the ground during the funeral in Pampas, Peru, a pallbearer lost his footing and fell on top of the coffin and both he and the coffin landed in the grave. The coffin opened upon landing and the body of the dead woman fell out.

Mourners can be heard wailing in shock as the casket fell while others desperately tried to prevent the woman’s corpse from falling out.

As the pallbearer clambers out of the grave, some mourners tried to keep the lid on the coffin to prevent the woman’s body falling out any further, but the lid had already broken.

The man managed to get out of the grave and the body was eventually interred correctly, allowing the funeral to continue as planned.

Watch the video below,

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