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Comedian Lil Duval tells Cardi B to take back Offset, advises women never to leave a cheating man

Comedian Lil Duval Tells Cardi B To Take Back Offset, Advises Women Never To Leave A Cheating Man

Comedian Lil Duval has asked Cardi B to take Offset back while also advising women never to leave a cheating man.

“Life too short to be leaving ni***** just cuz they cheated” Lil Duval tells Cardi B

Cardi B announced she has split from Offset after 15 months of marriage. During the marriage, and even before, Offset had cheated on Cardi multiple times but she refused to leave and kept citing Jay Z and Beyonce’s relationship as proof that men cheat and women forgive.

But she went after the women who had affairs with her husband and currently has a court case as a result of the fight she had with one of her husband’s side chics.

Now that she’s left, Lil Duval thinks she made the wrong choice.

He told her to “Take Offset Back” because “tomorrow isn’t promised”.

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