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Chioma stands by Davido as his baby mamas snub him on his 26th birthday

Chioma Stands By Davido As His Baby Mamas Snub Him On His 26th Birthday

Sophia Momodu and Amanda, Davido’s babymamas have both snubbed the singer on his 26th birthday, which was yesterday.

The media space was agog yesterday, with birthday messages from his friends, family, fans and well wishers, who all shared pictures of the singer to celebrate him on his day.

But then, one thing didn’t go unnoticed.. Which was that Davido’s babymamas completely ignored him on his special day.

Sophia Momodu.

Combing through the Instagram page of his first baby mama, Sophia Momodu, one can notice that she didn’t post any picture or message to appreciate the father of her baby Imade.

Her last post reads: ”If you judge people you have no time to love them..”

His second baby mama, Amanda also didn’t make any post to appreciate him. Her last post was on October 16, 2018.

However, not all the women in his life ignored him on his birthday. His girlfriend, Chioma Avril Lavigne, whom he few months ago declared as the love of his life appreciated him on his special day.


She wrote:

”I’m bout to flood y’all timelines don’t play with me today/tomorrow 😂 baby’s birthday in a few hours 😍 @davidoofficial

”Happy birthday hubby 😍 if you leave me water go carry you o 😛 God bless you my love. You’re so annoying but I’d choose you to annoy me for life 😂😍 @davidoofficial”


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