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Children who spend hours daily in front of screens are at risk of “short-sightedness, obesity and 12 different types of cancer”

Children Who Spend Hours Daily In Front Of Screens Are At Risk Of “short-sightedness, Obesity And 12 Different Types Of Cancer”

Experts say children who spend too much time gawking at TV, phone, or computer screens are more likely to be short-sighted, become overweight and get cancer.

A review of 80 studies on more than 200,000 people has ranked smartphones and tablets alongside sugary drinks as one of the biggest risks for childhood obesity. Being overweight can lead to a dozen types of cancer, including breast, colon, kidney, liver, ovarian, pancreas and prostate.

Not only does excessive use of gadgets increase children’s risk of dying young, it also is damaging their eyes. The number of short-sighted children has doubled in 50 years.

Researchers say the findings are a “significant concern”.

Research done by the World Cancer Research Fund examined the causes of weight gain in children around the world. It found increasing amounts of time spent on smartphones, tablets and gaming is a big driver of children getting fatter – that and sugary drinks make up the top two.

Sophia Lowes of Cancer Research UK told The Telegraph”

The report highlights the importance of acting early to help prevent cancer.

Obese children are five times more likely to be obese as an adult, which is worrying because then they’ll be at an increased risk of different types of cancer.

That’s why it’s vital we see a 9pm watershed on junk food adverts on TV and similar protection for children viewing adverts on-demand and online.

Experts say as well as leading to children doing less exercise, sitting inside looking at screens makes youngsters more likely to overeat on snacks.

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