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Check out African China’s reply to a troll who asked him to stop showing off his house that is still under construction

Check Out African China’s Reply To A Troll Who Asked Him To Stop Showing Off His House That Is Still Under Construction

African China shared photos of a house he is currently building. When a troll asked him to stop showing off the building until it is completed, African China replied..

African China (real name: Chinagorom Onuoha) is one of Nigeria’s newest young and top rated artists. He could be described as a Nigerian reggae/ragga artist. African China describes his music as a type of music that is basically African in nature, while labelling it as “PIDGIN Reggae/dancehall” style. According to the artist his name stands for “African Children Have Ideas Natural for African”. African China states he grew up in the Orile ghetto of Lagos, Nigeria. It is from here that he gets his inspiration for his music and lyrics. He started his professoinal career in 1999. He has released two albums that I know of: ‘Crisis’ & ‘Mr President’ (iTunes Music Store has them!). Also Check MySpace & YouTube for videos and music put out by African China.


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