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Bobrisky Cuts Down Reward Of Fans Who Tatooed Him, To Share N3m Among Them

Bobrisky Cuts Down Reward Of Fans Who Tatooed Him, To Share N3m Among Them

As more fans of Bobrisky continue to tattoo the name and image of the popular crossdresser on their bodies, he has cut down on the reward of their actions.

The first set of people that tattooed the crossdresser’s name and image on their bodies were given millions of naira and a promise to be taken to Dubai.

However, as more people joined the list, Bobrisky said that he would be sharing N3m among all of them. According to him, he would ensure that the money goes round.

Bobrisky also noted that the first set of people that drew his name and image on his body would leave for Dubai in March.

He urged those that he has confirmed for the trip to update their passports. According to him, he won’t be going with them as he would be busy, however, he would take care of all their expenses.

Read what he said below:

In other news, earlier reported that Bobrisky shaded Ka3na and others who didn’t reward their fans for getting tattoos.

Bobrisky, stated that the people accusing him of encouraging his fans to get tattoos of his name and image should just own up to being broke because all that glittered on Instagram is not always gold.

The crossdresser explained that he could spend his money anyhow he liked and that if these naysayers were too broke to take care of their fans, then he isn’t.

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