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“A lot of men are depressed because a lot of women are taking up leadership roles” – Media personality, Kelechi Ikpe says

“A Lot Of Men Are Depressed Because A Lot Of Women Are Taking Up Leadership Roles” – Media Personality, Kelechi Ikpe Says

On Air personalty, Kelechi Ikpe has disclosed that men are depressed because women are taking up leadership roles

According to Ikpe, the issue of depression can be linked to “Gender shift”. She emphasized that both genders were struggling with this shift as women have also had to step up into certain roles that they didn’t have to engage in before which means that a lot of men can’t take the fact that loads of women are now leaders while women are depressed because the leadership role is overwhelming for them.

This has caused a huge outrage on social media as any have trolled her and she has received loads of back lash from non-fans who believe in a different school of thought.

Reacting to the outrage especially on Twitter, Kelechi took to Instagram to say;

This video has gone viral for the wrong reasons. It has also been edited by blogs to exclude key parts but that’s fine,social media isn’t friendly. Now let me explain.

The switch in Gender Roles can become confusing and overwhelming for both Genders. and when the man who has been programmed to be the provider is unable to,there is risk of exhibiting certain behaviour that may be harmful to himself or others.

In a bid to meet up, a person can venture into crime or fall into depression after countless dissappointments and confusion. It’s worse for men because they have been programmed to provide. So when this role is taken up by a woman,it’s tough. This even happens at the work place.
Some men hate working with a female boss,because they can’t stand the idea of a woman telling them what to do or going home with the bigger pay cheque. It isn’t what they are used to and if they can’t better their situation, it weighs hard on them.

Let me break it down.
What do you think happens when a boy is told a girl scored higher or did better than he did at school or at a game…he starts to cry or at least feels very bad. This isnt because someone did better than he did,he is crying because that person is a girl. These are the kind of thinking such people grow up with.

In the same vein, Research has proven that more powerful women than men are prone to depression because of societal expectations to fail and not to fail and the confusion of what leadership or communication style to adopt. Should she be assertive or mellow,how does she command respect,how does she ensure people don’t perceive her as a weak leader. How does she continue to be an example of success and how does she do this and not lose her ”femininity”.. This wasn’t a problem when society did not expect this of her. The woman’s role was to be wife and mother,she had no business in the board room or providing for the family, but now, things are changing.

My theory is that a shift in Culturally defined Gender Roles is a factor of depression. The solution is to teach our children that success is not Gender selective at all and to prepare them for it practically.

This topic was not meant to be primarily about Gender but more men than women die by Suicide and more women than men in leadership positions are prone to depression. There is certainly a Gender Factor, and we must consider it to deal with depression.

Watch the video below;

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