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“A lady that loves you will never ask you for money” – Nigerian man says

“A Lady That Loves You Will Never Ask You For Money” – Nigerian Man Says

A Nigerian man with the handle @otunbalcon001 on Twitter has sparked a debate on the platform after his tweet on ladies who ask for money.

The young man said that when a lady is genuinely in love with a man she won’t demand for money.

He tweeted: “A lady that loves you will never ask you for money!!!”.

See his tweet below:

Read some reactions below:

@Luckflows wrote; Hehehehe even me that love myself gan I still ask myself for money.

@hamiltonawah: True but you go use sense dey give am money.

@oluwatosin_od: If no be say we dey bear the same name,I for abuse you small.

@sommiiiee; Because you have to always give her money before she thinks about it.

@martin_xavier_0; Not true, a lady that is pretentious or not free with you. Ladies are humans; humans find being given gifts, money inclusive as a sign of love.

@finefornoreason; Give her money always don’t wait for her to ask. @eraytee01 wrote; So asking for money denotes she doesn’t love you? Then

@SteadyWav3 replied; yes, especially if the asking get too much!!! you cant deeply love someone and still run them down with Bills.

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