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A bottle of Nigerian Groundnut sells for N3000 in the US (Photo)

A Bottle Of Nigerian Groundnut Sells For N3000 In The US (Photo)

There are many expensive things in Nigeria that her citizens will break the bank for but groundnut is not one of those. This is simply because the country is blessed with it so much that a full bowl of the nuts will sell for as little as N100.

At $8.99 (N3,24o) per bottle, the United States is the right place to establish your groundnut business.

A bottle of groundnut which typically sells between N400 and N600 across the country, is billed at $8.99 in CAYCE FOODS, a US store.

Groundnut is mainly grown in northernstates such as Kano, Kaduna, Taraba, Bauchi, Borno and Adamawa.

It is consumed as a snack and used in making oil for cooking.

In the early 90s, groundnut pyramids were pyramid-like structures made from groundnut sacks.

Groundnuts were one of Nigeria’s biggest exports in the early sixties, but the pyramids began to fade after the discovery of oil.

The Muhammadu Buhari-led administration is driving an agricultural revolution that seeks to export sundry crop to other parts of the world.

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