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74-year-old man allegedly rapes 14-year-old girl in Warri

A 74-year-old man, identified as John Obi, has been arrested for allegedly raping a teenage girl in Warri, Delta state.

The man, allegedly had sex with the 14-year-old girl and infected her with a sexually transmitted disease.

Activist Israel Joe took to Facebook to expose the incident while revealing that the case is about to hit a dead end because the girl’s parents want an out of court settlement with the suspect.

The Suspect

Israel Joe Post reads ;

74 YEARS OLD MAN DEFILES 14 YEARS OLD GIRL IN WARRI (Case stalls as complainant insists they don’t want case.

I received a call at about 10am this morning from a woman comrade telling me how a 74 year old man named John Obi who resides at Warri Area of Delta State defiled a 14 years old girl. At first I declined because a lot of cases that has to do with defilement/rape are always been truncated because complainants turn out towards settling out of court.

She insisted I lend my voice by calling the police and ensuring the man is prosecuted. I called the DPO who told me the had minuted that the case be charged to court. On getting there, it was the same story of settlement. I was angry but helpless not because the complainants will not appear in court but because the girl according to medical report was infested with some sexually transmitted infections.

Attempting to detain the parents for conspiracy also met a deadlock. I can’t be calm buy to thank the police for their roles and all efforts made. John Obi is presently at detention right now and treatment has commenced for the little girl.

Something is fundamentally wrong with this society. I’m not happy at all.

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