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“3 armed robbers broke into our house, took everything and killed our son with his little pajama on” – Woman shares heartbreaking story

“3 Armed Robbers Broke Into Our House, Took Everything And Killed Our Son With His Little Pajama On” – Woman Shares Heartbreaking Story

A married South African woman, Sophie took to Facebook to share the sad story of how her 4-year-old son was killed by armed robbers on Monday, January 20th.

Read her heartbreaking post below:

“On Monday,8:30pm,20th January, young 3 arm robbers with guns walked into our back yard,broke the glass door and get into our house.they take everything in our home freely and killed our son with his little pajama on.
This tragedy left me and my husband devastated and traumatized to the extent we felt like we’re bad parents.
Ethan was shot and survived two surgeries before his life was ended,
First surgery was successful and when the Docotr came out to say Eth is breathing himself that was the best news I have ever received through that night..but after the second surgery,bleeding was too much,my Son had suffered severe internal injuries to the extent blood was not cloting And that leads to his death.
Doctor came and call me and my husband to come and say our last goodbyes to our son whilst the heartbeat was going down to 0 and finally dead.
I had never imagined in my whole life Eth would dead at some point and leave us,I was always seeing myself died at a late age and leave Eth as an independent grown man..but I was wrong.. I was lying to myself.
Me and my husband we’re hardly trying to cope with the situation but it real feels like a dream..we find ourselves crying all the time,we blame ourselves maybe we would have done something extra to save our son’s life..alot is going on in our mind .
This is the life that we knew and loved so much prior that night.
Ethan was a very
shy little boy, intelligent, affectionate,friendly and he had a missing baby teeth,and always like to cuddle with his mom.
That was how the life of our little sweet boy was cut short ,the light candle of happiness into our little family was shot to death.
Until we meet again,my Eth you will always live in my heart. Nakupenda Baba

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