I want to apply the DS_160 form for my family

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anonymous asked 5 months ago

I have a valid visa I renewed last yr may,2016.I have being travelling since 2010 and off and on till 2014.Now I want to apply the DS_160 form for my family ,wife and there kids to go for vacation this Christmas.Now since I have valid visa,I don’t need to apply personally and also can I give them my passport so they can go with it to interview?.
Also my wife cousin who is a citizen want to write us invitation which he has done,stating the responsibilities he will take in accommodation, trip inside US,and the bills to take us round for Ste seeing.Now my challenge what is our chances for them to get visa.I have told my wife cousin to include his data passort page but he said the letter is k,but if they request it he will bring.Pls also I work and my wife too,but we don’t hv millions in acct cos we re salary earners.My dad is late and we have a rented house that money come in,can I use the house paper too as added documents.
I want all necessary advice to make sure i get what necessary documents to support them for interview.Also they hv denied my wife is twice but I did not give my passport them,after the first interview which went fine, they were asking her abt me and she told them I m in Lagos and were she went for interview was Abuja.Then second time was after all they ask if she was pregnant and she lied,but I don’t know how they knew .Pls kindly advice me cos I know it’s not easy but I trust God it will be done.Advice me pls.

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Yup! Staff answered 5 months ago

Good Day,
I will advice your cousin also includes data page of his green card, though the interviewer might not request for this, but it is advisable to prepare oneself.
Your wife should also go along with copies of your passport, visa and any other document related to you. And as for the income and ties to one’s country, do also make sure she goes with documents of the property you mentioned, pay slips (yours included) and any other financial investment documents.
I have seen people getting their visa even after the third denial, so is very much likely she can get the visa as long has she gives the visa officer accurate information and prove to back it up.
I wish you the very best of luck. You can always respond to this thread if need be.

Olisaemeka Pascal Ezeagwa replied 5 months ago

Thanks monik,your reply is effective