With This Web App, You Can Marry Any Celebrity Online Instantly. www.marryAceleb.com

marryAceleb is a web application that helps you bring your fantasies to live. The application enables you to virtually marry the celebrity of your dreams. We are all guilty of crushing on some popular personalities and sometimes we wish we can become a part of their lives or even have a forever bond with them.

Now we can. Just use the search bar to find that your celebrity crush and then propose to her or ask him to propose to you. It is that simple and before you know, you have a Marriage certificate you can share with your friends and love ones.

As soon as your marriage is confirmed, we will share your marriage certificate on our Instagram page and also tag your newly wedding celeb. Sounds too good to be true right..lol welcome to the Internet age.

you can check the web app here: www.marryaceleb.com

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