Don’t be a Fool, Sit here in Nigeria – by OBI FRANK

I want to address the issue of travelling out of Nigeria at all cost. I think is high time we give this a serious consideration. Many Nigerians just want to migrate abroad without prior consideration of the possible effect it might bring to their life.

Let me start by saying, life is a journey of self and no one is in competition with the other. That is to say, we are all different and unique in our own way. We all have a reason for being here and a purpose assigned to our life.

Because Obinna migrated to Canada and became successful, does not necessarily mean same will happen for Tolu or Danjuma. We all have distinctive inherent gifts and ability which are programmed in us to enable us to fulfil our divine purpose here on earth.

Success is relative to one’s purpose and to find fulfilment in life, is far beyond materialism. Do not waste your life time moving around like a nomad. Some people are so impatient and always in a hurry to find an alternative route in the face of slight difficulties.

First, it took you almost 5 years to finally get your US visa and afterwards, took you another 5 years to finally settle in California and start a family. The moment you notice your job can not cover your bills anymore, you began another plan to relocate to Canada or Europe. Then Canada it is. Now in Canada, you started all over again and also begin to notice the system taxation is killing and raising a family is challenging. You are now contemplating on either relocating back to the states or even going back to Nigeria to either start a business or kick off a new career.

The reason why you faced with such a dilemma is that your decisions are not purpose driven, but rather societal driven. The moment a man discovers himself and align himself with his purpose, he becomes careful with his choices and decisions. Do not follow the crowd, but rather, find you, do you and fulfil your God given purpose here on earth.

Almost every Nigerian youth want to zoom out of the country. They believe life is rosier and more colourful out there. But I tell you, life is same everywhere. People are always in a constant struggle to survive and wealth is in the hand of a few. The majority are broke, even in America (your dream land).

What most Nigerians abroad enjoy is the high standard of living and well-structured system, but this also comes with a cost. You will pay through your nose and often times, the system will leave you indebted and frustrated.

This is not to discourage anyone that has decided to pursue their destiny outside the shores of this great country, but rather to encourage careful thought process and let your decision to migrate be well grounded and in alignment with your vision and purpose in life.

Don’t just wake up one morning and carry your bag and decide you want to travel abroad. You are much more valuable than you think. Find you, do you and live fulfilled.

Obi Frank

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