The Psychology of the US Visa Interview – By OBI FRANK

One out of every 10 Nigerian desires to either migrate permanently to the united states of America or at least to visit. This is why the US embassy is parked with hundreds of Nigerians daily queuing up for a visa interview.

The US visa application system is unique and far different from other countries visa application process. The core part of the visa application process is the face to face interview with the visa officer. Your performance during the interview will determine if you will be issued a visa or not. From experience, this is the most important part of the visa process and I want to dive in deeply into the mind game that goes on and how to prepare yourself for it.

During the interview, the Visa Officer looks straight into your eyes and try to engage your mind to ascertain if your answers to the questions are true or false. He or she is more interested in determining your main purpose of visiting the United State and also if all information you gave about yourself is true.

Many a time, the Visa Officer falls into a false conclusion and the applicant visa application is denied even though their information about themselves is true and their travel intentions are genuine. This is usually because the applicant might not be confident enough to give convincing answers.

So how do you prepare yourself for this psychological trauma?

Before filling out your visa application form, make sure you sit down and analyze your main purpose of traveling. Convince yourself why you should. If you intend to visit the US just for site seeing, then you should write out 10 important points and reason why this trip is a must for you.
After you have convinced yourself, then proceed to acquire information and documents that will support your profile and travel intent.

2. And after you are able to get an appointment date, then begin what I term as “mental preparation routine”. First, start by asking yourself possible interview questions and answering them as convincing as possible. Also get someone (A friend or a relative) to ask you possible visa interview questions and ask the person to score your response.

The Interviewer is human like you and as such you should be relaxed, confident and bold with your responses. Kill your nerves and assure yourself that this isn’t a death sentence, but an opportunity to engage your mind.

There are forums online with threads of US visa Interview experiences. Take a pen and a paper and outline the key points of the interview experiences of others you read online. This is very important, as it will help in preparing you mentally.

And above all, trust your guts and prepare your mind for success. Words are powerful, speak positive words daily and create a positive mental image of the result you want.

I trust God in everything I do, and I will encourage you to do same. Get on your knees and pray.

Wish you the very best.
Obi Frank

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