Sultan says women can’t be equal to men in Nigeria because it is against Islamic teachings

The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammadu Abubakar, has called on the
Nigerian Senate not to consider the bill seeking gender equality in
inheritance because of its religious implications.
The sultan said this while speaking at the closing ceremony of the 20th
Zamfara State annual Qur’anic recitation competition.

According to him,
the bill is unacceptable to Muslims because it is against Islamic

“Our religion is our total way of life; therefore, we will not accept
any move to change what Allah permitted us to do… Islam is a peaceful
religion; we have been living peacefully with Christians and followers
of other religions in this country. Therefore, we should be allowed to
perform our religion effectively.” He said.

The bill proposes that widows should have custody of their children,
except if it is contrary to their welfare. The bill also seeks for
widows to be allowed to inherit a fair share their husband’s property,
be allowed to live in their matrimonial home and also remarry any man of their choice.
Meanwhile, Nigerians on Twitter have expressed outrage over his
proclamation, stating that Nigeria is not a Sharia country and as such
our constitution should not be guided by the Quran. See a few tweets

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