Why I Dumped My Baby Mama, Dewunmi Fatai – Actor, Lolade Mustapha

Following the news making the round that star actor, Sholagbade Mustapha popularly known as Lolade Mustapha and his long time sweetheart and baby mama, Dewunmi Fatai who is also an upcoming actress and make-up artiste had parted ways barely six months after they had their first baby child, Lolade has revealed why he had to break

In a recent interview with City People,  Lolade Mustapha opened up on his relationship with Dewunmi.

Read below:

What really happened between you and your baby mama?

Firstly, I have been hearing people calling her my wife which is not true. We are not married yet, she just got a baby for me whom I can’t deny but nothing else is attach to it. She was a good friend to me before the issue of the pregnancy set in and as a responsible man, I summoned the courage to see it as my cross and I decided to take it. She is a good friend and a good colleague. From the start, we were just friends but along the line the baby came in. Later, I foresaw it that the relationship may lead to a good place and I cautioned myself. When the issue of the pregnancy came up, it was a shock because we were not in good term because weren’t talking for months but I accepted my fate. Later on, I made up my mind to go for her and marry her but as the popular Yoruba adage has it, “Eyan ti Antori e Gbawe Ti o J’san” literarily in other words, means she is not worth it. I wanted to make things work out between us but she is not ready. I wanted to marry her but there are things she does which I don’t appreciate and I called her attention to it. I believe if there is true love we should be able to iron out thing among ourselves.

 Why did you now change your plans to marry her again?

Actually, we were yet to start the planning neither did we cancel anything, my mother wanted me to marry her and due to what my mum was hearing about her, she wanted to change her mind and I made my mum understand that she shouldn’t listen to what people are saying about her. I said Dewunmi is a good person. I tried to protect her image in the presence of my family members but unfortunately, she revealed her real person to my mum herself. Yet, that didn’t stop me from holding the Nikkai wedding with her but she was rude to my mum not once or twice in my presence and this got me upset before I laid my hands off her. I can’t say it all but that was the height of all. I believe we are not compatible; God only wanted a child between us. After the child, I got carried away with the love I had for the baby but she unfortunately used her hand to kill the love I had for her in my heart due to her character and she is not read to change and I can’t marry such person.

Apart from being rude your mum, is there any other things that changed your mind?

I found out that she didn’t have true love for me and she only wanted a child and now she has accomplished her mission. I don’t know her plans about the child or what I can bring out as what she wanted from me before the baby came. But when the child stuff came up she changed her attitude towards me. She started denting my image all around and people do tell me. When I confronted her, she denied it and I later found out that all they said are real. She did the same to two of my family friends which nearly split us. After the whole thing, I said before she ruins my life, I should let her be while I also stay on my own. I will give all it takes to bring up my child but as for his mum, it’s over between us. I didn’t sit her down to tell her this but I made my decision in silence.

Did you catch her with another man while you were dating?

I didn’t but there was a time we fought before the baby came, and when we reconciled. I asked her if she has found a man and she was like I shouldn’t bother and I am a kind of person who trusts and falls in love easily but once the person messes up, I will never look back. Nobody can change my mind again, I can only listen to you but what I will do is within me. Her stress was too much for me which I couldn’t take any more. After the baby, I learnt she has gotten another boy friend which is none of my business because she her life to live. As far as my son is okay, I am fine. She will eventually marry someone someday. The baby is 6 month, this December. At a time, I told her to stop posting the photos of my son on social media or parties and her response was what is my business with that, she said she can take my son to her own boyfriend’s house! I was shocked but it is normal. It’s just that it is too early to start doing such when our child is not even up to 6 months.

We learnt that you guy were staying together, how factual is that?

That is true, when she was pregnant, I was catering for her despite the fact that we didn’t have a smooth relationship because there were lots of fights and quarrels. She rained curses on me a lot which I still have some evidence of that at hand. I prayed to God that if it’s true that I related with her with one mind, her curses shouldn’t have an impact in my life and I thank God for that. After the 41 days, she wasn’t calling and that passed a message. I also didn’t call her because I have sealed up my mind but a real woman keeps her home. After all, they claim to own the house. We stayed together for that period she was pregnant. As a responsible man, I did that to stay with her till she delivered. Till date I am still taking care of my child but I don’t have interest in his mum again. I can say it all because it will look like I am exposing my baby mama which I won’t do. So, just let me stop here.

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