Parents of twin baby girls arrested for neglecting their children

Parents, Kevin Fowler, 25, and Aislyn Miller, 24, of two allegedly neglected and malnourished twin baby girls were arrested Saturday on child abuse charges in Oklahoma. Doctors and police say this was “the worst case of child abuse they had seen.
According to PEOPLE magazine, the parents of the twins were arrested Saturday after nurses working at an area urgent care facility contacted Owasso Police after the kids were brought in to the hospital.

The nurses had been treating the twins for an unspecified medical condition when they noticed that both children had severe diaper rash and bed sores. They said the kids were so malnourished they looked like skeletons. They also found feces in one child’s ear while the other baby had a strand of hair wrapped tightly around one of its fingers. The hair in the baby’s finger had become infected as a result, and skin had started growing over the hair due to lack of care. One of the nurses at the hospital also said she saw a maggot on one of the girls.

After the parents were arrested, the mum of the twins, Miller, said they didn’t deliberately neglect their children, rather that they were “new parents” and didn’t have any experience caring for nfants.
Miller allegedly told detectives the children seemed malnourished because they were born prematurely.

Miller also allegedly told police the couple didn’t have health insurance, so they didn’t take their children to the hospital anytime they got sick. She also said the babies had not seen a physician since they were born.

Miller and Fowler were released after they posted a $50,000 bond.

Both girls have been removed from their parents’ custody and are now with Child Protective Custody.

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