“I Am An Amazing Writer & Director! Deal With It! ” – Omoni Oboli Comes At YNaija Writer Who Criticized Her Movies

Beautiful Naturalista and prolific filmmaker, Omoni Oboli could not hide her feelings as she took to social media to slam YNaija writer who berated her movies on their site, saying her movies are bad.

The actress gave her a piece of her mind in a recent post.

Read below:

“NIGERIANS AND THE CRAB MENTALITY AGAIN! I usually won’t do this but I guess this caught me on the wrong side today! Sometimes we let rubbish go on for too long and it doesn’t even help any of us!
I work hard, I really do! If I will say so myself, I am an AMAZING writer and a great producer and director! There! I said it! Deal with it!
So apparently, Wilfred Okichie of @ynaija is smarter than hundreds of thousands of you who have watched my movies and enjoyed it. #BeingMrsElliott was opening film in different film festivals and is still getting great reviews! #TheFirstLady was audience choice award at the last Nollywood Week Festival in Paris. #WivesOnStrike , don’t even get me started on that one! Awards and recognition galore! After all is said and done, my greatest reward is the love and appreciation of you my #Omonifam . That’s all I need and I will keep doing the movies you love. On that note, watch out for #OkaforsLaw It will blow your minds!
To all naysayers, put your money where your mouth is: produce your own film so you can show us how to do better! ? You want publicity Wilfred? there! Enjoy it!
Well done @ynaija truly a ‘smart’ move ???
And of course it started with a cheeky ‘Omoni Oboli is bae’. News flash darling, I ain’t your bae!
#SomethingMAJORIsComing #ChidOfGrace #TeamWinning #PettyThursday
Ps: I saw some ‘constructive’ criticism of #WivesOnStrike and I took it on board.”

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