Footage Of A 10-Year-Old Beyonce Surfaces, Set To Fetch Up To $3.8 Million At Auction

Before she was a solo superstar, before she was part of Destiny’s Child, she was the driving force behind tween band Girls Tyme and that signature fierce look was already well established.
The BeyHive may want to start saving up some serious honey, as an auction house has got its hands on two and half hours of original footage showing Beyonce and her group Girls Tyme, singing and dancing. The footage was thought to be lost for 20 years but is now been made available – for a price – by UK-based auction house Ted Owen & Co.


Bidding has already started and is set to wrap up in January with the company believing the collection – which also includes some still images – to go for anywhere from £1.5 million to £3 million which is just over $USD3.8 million.
It is not clear how an English company got its hands on the 12 professionally shot and edited BETA tapes but one thing is for sure, Beyonce, now 35, has always been a star.

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