Angela Merkel, Calls For The Ban Of The Burka In Germany

Just a week after Dutch MPs voted to ban the Islamic full-face veil from some public places, like schools. However, the legislation will have to be approved by the senate before it becomes a law, German chancellor Angela Merkel, has called for a ban on wearing burkas ‘wherever is legally possible’ in Germany. She made this call while addressing members of her political party, CDU, at the conservative party’s conference and said she believed that the the Islamic clothing hindered women from being fully integrated into the German society
As the German politician seeks a fourth term, Ms. Merkel made a few pledges some of which were; to back a nationwide ban on wearing the burka, to bring the refugee crisis under control and also to strengthen the forces of law and order, especially as regards managing immigrants and the immigration process.

In her speech, she went on to condemn the online attacks targeted at immigrants, saying that she was shocked and sickened by them and that those who wrote such hateful things needed an orientation course.

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