Russian President Says Donald Trump Is A Clever Man As He Showers Praises On Him

For the second time since Donald Trump won US presidential elections, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, has openly called him a clever man, saying that his success in the business world suggests he is a clever man and as such he’ll be quick to learn about his new role as the President of the world’s most powerful country.

Putin who was named Forbes 2016 world’s most powerful man, had spoken previously of his hope that Trump will help restore US-Russia relations, as relationship between the the world super power countries are at an all time low. The Russian President said;

“Trump was an entrepreneur and a businessman. He is already a statesman, he is the head of the United States of America, one of the world’s leading countries. Because he achieved success in business, it suggests that he is a clever man. And if he’s a clever man, then he will fully and quite quickly understand another level of responsibility. We assume that he will be acting from these positions.”
The Russian president praised Trump a year ago, telling journalists that the business mogul was a ‘bright and talented person without any doubt’, with an ‘outstanding and talented personality’.

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