Davido’s Ex-Girlfriend Reveals How She Battled Mental Breakdown

Davido’s ex-girlfriend Sira Kante in a new interview revealed how she suffered a mental breakdown when people started seeing her body as her flaw. The 20 year-old Guinean model said that he learnt to embrace her body as it is.


“I had a mental break down based off the fact I felt fully aware and confident in my body size till they pointed it out as “My Flaws”…..

Within the past few months I took the time to work on self-awareness. I told myself everyday that I was beautiful and I love my body. I didn’t see the need to conform to this idea of industry standards. I may not be petite and I’m far from plus size and I damn sure ain’t joining the WNBA just because im tall. I am a beautiful size 4 model that’s returning the curve for this industry. #ReturnOfTheCurve


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