Dabota Lawson Accuses Sylvia Nduka Of Sleeping With Her Husband, Sylvia Replies…

This is 2016, the year which has been filled with a lot of drama to last years and its always so that a new month always comes with its own new unpredicted drama and beef! So yesterday, former beauty queen Dabota Lawson took to her snapchat to accuses a certain friend of her’s who is equally an ex-beauty queen for sleeping with her ex-husband and coming in between she and a friend, in the course of her rant yesterday, Dabota gave out clues as to who the person is and trust Nigerians, she was found out within seconds!

Now, the ex-beauty queen was no other than the controversial Sylvia Nduka. Sylvia who was accused by her friend Dabota Lawson yesterday of sleeping with her ex husband has replied Dabota. What we do not know is when did Sylvia start sleeping with her friends husband, was it before they separated or after. Read what Sylvia posted online yesterday.


This drama just began!


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