Dearies, It’s Time to Reach Out & Bless A Fellow Reader

Tomorrow is Monday, the dawn of a new week. Can we commit it now into the hands of our God?

It’s time to REACH OUT and bless a fellow reader, guys. Time to be our brother’s keeper… Time to
bless the new week of that reader of your choice.
If you love someone, the best thing you can do for them is to always pray for them. Pray for others as you would pray for yourself.

God blessed you with great health, who do you pray he blesses also this week with that fab health He
gave you?

You all already know how dear each and every Lailan is to me. I’m reaching out to all of you tonight.

May God meet all of us at the points of our needs this coming week.

We will walk this week and not stumble, we will rise and not fall or faint. For the Lord will go before us and his joy will be our strenght!

This new week shall be filled with happiness and testimonies for us.. Wishing you all A Great Week Ahead!!

Who are you reaching out to tonight guys?

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