Let’s play this quick fun game, guys…Most hilarious reader wins yet again!

I stole this from Cupid Mends, let’s have fun with it guys. Hope y’all had a great day today?

Our game is called ”Yab the person that comments before you”. And as usual, ALL of us must participate.
Another rule – Na we we o. Na play we dey play. So, please yab considerably.

Our winners tonight will be the 5 readers who deliver the most hilarious/original/heartfelt/ruthless yabs of the night.

There’s a twist to it though – tomorrow, these 5 readers will be put up here and the whole house will blast them as well. So make sure you only deal what you can handle..5 readers with the most entertaining yabs will win tomorrow.

*Rubbing palms together* So, can we start now? Who’s going first?

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