Food for thought, guys…

A former neighbour, a banker and a very smart and intelligent woman or so I thought was heavily pregnant for her first child.


News had it that the hospital she had been going for her Antenatal care observed that the baby she was carrying was in transverse line and the only way the woman can put to bed is via C-section. 

She informed her husband who doubles as a school proprietor and a pastor. This woman husband told the wife to ignore her doctor advise that she won’t go under the knife but she’ll give birth to all her children like a ‘Hebrew woman.’ 

The couple went to see their doctor and insisted that the woman should be put through the rigors of labour pain against the doctors professional advise. The doctor did more
examination and scan to see if there’s any possibility for the woman to be placed under labor if she’s due, and the doctor realized that C-Section is the ONLY option else she’ll endanger her life. 

The husband of this woman got angry with the doctor persistent advise and the couple changed their hospital overnight and began to avoid their doctor.
The new hospital they went to did similar tests and it produced same result but the doctor in the new hospital thought they could perform a miracle without placing the woman under the knife. 

During child labor, this woman tried all she could, she tried and tried until she couldn’t try again and this woman and the baby died during child birth.
About a year later, oga pastor remarried while the late wife who wanted to please the husband by ignoring a professional medical advise is gone and maybe forgotten by her husband..

Women, don’t risk your life because of any man. Don’t put your life on the line to satisfy your pastor. If you’re advised by a professional medical expert on certain things, please follow the professional advise. That won’t stop you from being faithful or religious. Your not following your pastor or husband advise won’t make you less religious or less a virtue woman. 

Many people will tell you beautiful stories of how a certain woman was able to give birth like a ‘Hebrew woman’ after doctors had concluded she’ll undergo C-section just to convince you, tell them thank you and follow medical advise. If you refuse to use your brain and something goes wrong, this same people will be the first to laugh at you, blame you and criticize you for not obeying doctors advise. 

– Edward E Onoriode

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