Let’s Play This Quick Fun Game, Guys..

Last Men Standing wins again ūüôā

Our game is called ”Five Letter Change- A- Letter word game”. Ok?

Here is the idea:

Every Lailan is expected to change one letter from the previous reader’s 5 letter word, mix up the others and create a valid new word.

Say, for instance, I pick ‘SPLIT’

The next reader’s reply could be:

SPOIL (replace ‘t’ with ‘o’) OR ….
LIMPS (replace ‘t’ with ‘m’) OR …

You got that, right?
Our winners get free airtime courtesy the loveliest, most amazing, one and only special Moyo aka Team Laila. Team Laila sent in N30k for these games. We will be having a game daily from now on.

Our winners will be the 5 last readers to drop their comments. He/she, all of them, get free airtime to be sent out tomorrow morning. Ready?

Here are the basic Rules though:

New words should be exactly 5 letters long.
Only one letter must be changed.
Resultant word must be valid (it should exist on dictionary.com) lol

Let’s have fun with this, guys. Hope y’all had a great day today?
I’m starting off the game by dropping my word – ”PURSE”

Who’s next? Leggo!

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