Man Arrested For Allegedly Stabbing A Nigerian Man To Death Over A Woman In Canada

Solomon Odekunle (pictured) was stabbed to death at Piper’s Bar & Grill in Ottawa, in the early hours of Sunday. Odekunle was seen stumbling away from the front entrance bar just after 2 a.m., bleeding from his neck. .

He later collapsed on a concrete median on the Road. He was pronounced dead in hospital. He was a University of Ottawa international student. Police have arrested 27-year-old Joe-Bryan Ndikkuriyo. .

Police believe Odekunle was stabbed after the two men began fighting over a woman. His slaying marks the city’s 17th homicide of the year, and it was the third stabbing of the weekend.

Piper’s Bar & Grill attracted an “aggressive” late-night drinking crowd, according to former staff and neighbouring business owners. “I haven’t seen anything that dangerous since I lived in Toronto,” said a former bartender at the place.

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