Do I need to use a Travel Agent for my US Visa Application?

Do I need to use a travel agent?

I get this question all the time. First, let us look at what service the visa agent provides. A typical visa agent will first profile you and then help you prepare your documents and in some cases, can apply for the visa on your behalf, Depending on the country consulate visa requirement.

Before an individual or a corporation will declare themselves a Visa or immigration agency, we should assume that they have a vast knowledge of various countries immigration laws and visa requirements. So what they sell to you, is actually their knowledge and experience.

So would we then say that a visa agent can guarantee you a successful visa application or influence the decision of the consular? Hell No!

Any agency that tells you that, is only out for your money. They might be able to predict an 80% successful outcome, based on your supporting documents and also from past experience of other applicants to the same consular, but they cannot totally guarantee what the decision of the consular might be.

So, having said all that, do I think you should use an agency for your next visa application? The answer depends on you. You will have to weigh your options and then decide what to do.

But if you can do a few research yourself I see no reason why you can not apply for the visa yourself and save you some money.

Wish You the very best of luck.


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