World Class High-Grade Nikel Discovered In Kaduna State By An Australian Company

According to news from the Australian reports, Mining industry veteran, Hugh Morgan, who heads a private syndicate has made a potentially world class, and highly unusual, nickel discovery close to Dangoma, Kaduna State. The discovery is unusual because the nickel is found in small balls up to 3mm in diameter of a high purity in shallow soils in what could be the surface expression of a much bigger hard-rock nickel field.

The nickel balls, rumoured to grade better than 90% nickel and thought to be a world first, offer the potential for early cash flow from a simple and low-cost screening operation to fund a full assessment of the find that has exploration circles buzzing.

Earlier this month, Nigeria’s Minister for Solid Minerals, Kayode Fayemi, told Bloomberg that about $5bn would kickstart the mining sector. He said: “In two to five years, we want to have started production of iron ore, lead, zinc, bitumen, nickel, coal and gold at a serious scale.”

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