Charly Boy Accuses Pastors Of Paying Members To Fake Miracles

Controversial Nigerian entertainer, Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa (popularly known as Charly Boy or Area Father), has taken it upon himself to address the issue of the rise in fake pastors in Nigeria.

He claims to have read the full Bible over 20 times and knows more than he makes out. Read his statement below:

“A country full of religious mumus. A lot of us being brainwashed on how to worship God as some churches now come up with different gimmicks. It is not surprising to see people attend church rituals involving frantic falls as if grasped by epileptic seizures, feigning attack by the spirits. Yes, most of these dramatics are paid, like the Nollywood actor who claimed that the devil exited his body through his foot.

I’m not suggesting that all men of God are tinted, but out of a hundred you may not find four that live what they preach. Would it surprise you if I tell you I’ve read the bible page to page over 20-times? So I know more than I make out. I know that true men of God do not misquote the Bible.”

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