Nnamdi Kanu Accepted To Renounce Biafra In Secret, Only To Act Hypocritically In Public – MEND

The spokesperson for the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger-Delta, MEND, Jomo Gbomo, in a statement, today, said: “The attention of MEND has been drawn to the recent spate of hypocritical and provocative statements issued by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and its leader, Nnamdi Kanu.”
IPOB/Kanu statements purport to dissociate IPOB/Kanu from some of the concessions, which have so far been secured by MEND in the ongoing talks aimed at resolving the current Niger Delta crisis between the FG and MEND.
MEND hereby uses this opportunity to inform the entire world that following the group’s ongoing negotiations with the FG, Nnamdi Kanu has made it clear that he is willing to renounce “Biafra” in secret; in exchange for his freedom. .
MEND and the FG have, however, flatly rejected the IPOB/Kanu hypocrisy to remain defiant in public; while accepting to secretly renounce secession. MEND, therefore, urges the already frustrated and desperate Kanu and IPOB to swallow their pride and make a public denunciation of ‘Biafra.’”
The group argued that the public denunciation by Kanu was important so as not continue deceiving the gullible donors and followers sold to the illusion of a ‘Biafra Republic’ that aims to annex the Niger Delta region as part of its territory.
It said there was need for them (donors and followers) to “become fully aware that the so-called ‘Biafra Republic’ is merely a business venture and scam whose sole beneficiaries are Kanu, directors of IPOB and their families and cronies”.

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