18-Month Baby Left Fighting For Her Life After She Was Beaten With A Belt By Her Mother

A brutal act by a heartless mother has left her young baby fighting for her life. 18-month-old child in Atlanta is now on life support, and police say the child’s mother and the mother’s boyfriend brutally abused her. According to court records show that 18 month old Kamonie Love suffered injuries to her legs, buttocks, chin and arms. But that’s just the start of it. Baby Kamonie also had multiple rib fractures and a possible skull fracture. A legal document says mother Shavone Whitehead admitted using a belt on occasion to punish the child.
Shavone and her live-in boyfriend Edward Wilson have been charged with cruelty to children and aggravated battery. Kamonie is currently on life support, and her father Damarrio McCoy is hoping for a miracle. If you have time this weekend, please send Kamonie your prayers.
See the beautiful baby below:

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