Kidnappers Arrested After Receiving N5M Ransom From 85 Year Old Woman Who Later Died

According to report from Enugu, the kidnappers abducted a woman in her late 80’s in Ezeagu, Enugu, State, naked her and tied her up in a tick forest. In the night she would be left alone in their den, while they go home to sleep. She was there for about a week, under rain and sunshine.

They demanded for a ransom of N20 million, but after much dialogue, they settled for N5 million, which was immediately paid. Unknown to the family, the woman had died of cold and had been buried.

After waiting endlessly to hear from the abductors, an investigation was launched and one of the evil doers, Levinus Ude, was nabbed. His arrest led to the arrest of the others. The body of the woman was later retrieved from the shallow grave they dug for her. 

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