Man Accidentally Starts A Massive Wildfire In Canary Islands After Lighting A Toilet Paper

 A 27-year-old German man has been arrested on suspicion of starting a
devastating wildfire in Canary Island. According to reports, he
confessed to police that the fire accidentally began when he lit used
toilet paper after going to the toilet. This was because he didn’t want
to discard the soiled paper as rubbish and so he decided to burn it,
with no intention of causing a fire.

The fire however broke out in the Jedey mountain area on the Island
and spiraled out of control. The blaze, which was tackled on the ground
by firefighters and from the air with the help of four helicopters &
a specialist plane, claimed more than 250 acres of pine forest. A
forest worker tackling the blaze lost his life and 700 people were
evacuated from their homes as a precaution.

The German is expected to appear before an investigating judge in a
private court hearing later today and a military response unit has also
been drafted in to help local fire crews.

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