D’banj Dumps Glo For A Multi-Million Naira Deal With MTN

 D’banj has dumped indigenous telecommunication company GLO and signed a new deal with rival, MTN, a deal which is said to be worth hundreds of millions. D’banj and MTN are partnering with BOI (Bank Of Industry) to pioneer a new service called ‘The Cream Platform’. When contacted, a  rep from D’banj’s company, DKM had this to say

 ‘It’s more of a partnership between MTN and DKM to launch a platform of visible hope for the creative industry where creative content will be found, housed, financed, nurtured, published, marketed, distributed and sold with track-able monitoring by content owners without leaving their comfort zones. With the support of the Bank of industry who is providing funding for DKM, this initiative and the launching of a new publishing company’

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