Teebillz Molded Me Into The Tiwa Savage Brand I Am Today, Never Intended To Be Romantically Linked With Him – Tiwa Savage


Nigerian singer, whose marriage crash recently made headlines Tiwa Savage,  says that despite all that has happened between she and her estranged husband, Tunji Balogun , also known as Teebillz, she still appreciates him.  She made this known during her interview section with E entertainment. The Mavins first lady who was recently rumoured to have signed a deal with Jay Z’s Roc Nation said that she never intended to be romantically linked with Teebillz who was a manager then and credited him for moulding her into the Tiwa Savage brand that she is today. See what she said below

 “When I first met him, I felt he was very arrogant. He was very tall, dark, handsome and very confident.

“He oozes that and he always expects that from me as well. So when I first met him, I didn’t fall in love. It wasn’t love at first sight. Although when he first met me, he said to me ‘so it’s either two things; I am either going to manage you or marry you. So I was just like ‘What! You are so full of yourself; I would never date you, let alone marry you’. So obviously, we decided he was going to manage me because I turned down the other option.”

Tiwa Savage

“I never saw myself getting romantically involved with him; however, on getting to discover another side of him, I fell for him.”

“We worked so closely together and I discovered this soft emotional guy. One who gave up everything for my career. He had a great business in L.A but he moved to Nigeria because he really believed in me more than I believed in myself.

“So gradually I just started seeing in him, this person. So it was inevitable. I tried to fight it. It can’t happen and I couldn’t help it.”

“When Teebillz became my manager, he molded me into the Tiwa Savage brand we know today.”

“I needed to do something and I met my manager who is now my husband. He saw me and was like ‘you could be really pretty if you put an effort into it’ and I was like ‘wait what do you mean’ and he was like ‘you need to lose a little weight, wax your legs; that might be attractive.

“So he just literally put me through this whole program and told me that ‘the music is great, the talent is there but 80% of it is branding.’

“So if you want to do the tom-boy thing, you have to take it to the extreme if you want to be hot and sexy you have to take it to the extreme. So I started learning how to wear heels and he basically just groomed me into the image of Tiwa Savage that we see now,”

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