I Had A Painful Miscarriage This Year, TJ Never Checked Up On Me In The Hospital Or Call

Singer,Tiwa Savage, following the shocking emotional outburst of her husband on social media decided to have a tell it all interview with ThisDay news outfit, where she revealed shocking mind blowing details of her own concerning her marriage which she says has been over for a while. According to her, her husband Teebillz’s Instagram rant has made it easy for her walk out on the marriage. She went on to recount the painful miscarriage she had this year in Jamaica after discovering she was pregnant just months after her first child, according to her TJ never cared or checked up on her even when she kept calling him. Read what she said below
I covered up for a lot of hurt in our relationship. Just before I went to Jamaica, I found out that I was pregnant. We were just trying to find out how we were going to manage another baby so soon. I got to London, on a 10-hour flight to shoot a video with Busy Signal (Reggae Artiste). While doing my makeup, I found out I was bleeding and I passed out. I was rushed to the hospital, and we were trying to call TJ to tell him what happened. While we were sleeping at two AM a number called him saved as Edible Catering….I checked his phone, and the number was asking him if she can come to his hotel. She responded that He (TJ) knocked her out last night, that he was a great night. I confronted him, and he said he took another woman to the hotel and said they were just chilling. This happened the period I was in Jamaica, and I was in the hospital. I sent TJ pictures, and he was busy with another woman. I was in ahospital and you couldn’t be bothered find out what happened to me. I packed my stuff, took my son and went to my friends house, her name is Tiwa also. I stayed the night, and she asked me for the next step, I told her I was done.

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