When You Find A Good Wife Nothing Can Go Wrong With Your Life – IK Ogbonna Gushes Over His Wife

Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna is so over the moons and so much in love with his Colombian wife Sonia Morales who is also equally so much in love with him, the actor says everything about him has changed ever since he got married and credited his beautiful wife for it as he gushed about her today, See what he wrote below

Who ever said u can’t make it when u marry lied to y’all .The reason I smile so hard … When u find a good wife U obtain Favour in the sight of God with some flavor
My life took an amazing turn when I met my wife Seemed like everything before her was just a fading experience.When u find a good wife nothing can ever go wrong with ur life …
You can only get better ❤️ @sonialareinaa Shoutout to every good woman praying for their men , supporting them and always there to hold them when d falling.

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